How to Increase and Decrease Size of Texts on iPhone Apps via Apple Text Size Shortcut


Several applications on smartphones use their own text fonts and default size that, at times, becomes unreadable. If you’re an iPhone user, there’s a simple shortcut that can adjust the text size in less than five clicks to improve readability on apps and not just the Safari browser app, which only supports zoom in and out options. Users can manage the size of the text via the ‘Text Size’ feature that can also be added on the Control Centre alongside Flashlight, Calculator, and other shortcuts. The tool can be extremely useful when using navigation apps while driving. Sadly, the change in the size of text is applicable throughout the iPhone, but the upcoming iOS 15 will let users manage the text size-specific per app with this tool.

Before we get to the Text Size shortcut, there’s also a traditional method of making changes on an iPhone. This will, of course, make changes throughout the Apple iPhone. To change the text size, head to Settings > Display and Brightness > Text Size. Here, users also have the option to make text bold by the option of the same name. Although this feature works quickly, there’s a quicker option by adding a Text Size shortcut on Control Centre. To add the shortcut, head to Settings and then select Control Centre and look for the Text Size shortcut at the bottom. You can also adjust the placement of the shortcut by dragging the tool up and down.

As mentioned, the upcoming iOS 15 will let users adjust the text for each app, and changes will not be uniform across the iPhones. There will be a simple toggle to make app-specific changes. Currently, iOS 15 is available in beta form to testers, and the stable rollout details remain unclear. Last year, Apple started rolling out iOS 14 after unveiling iPhone 12 series in October.